Chance, a native of the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula, Montana, discovered his passion for construction while working for a general excavation company during college, which led him to get his Construction Engineering Technology (CET) degree at Montana State University in Bozeman. In 2008, after earning his CET degree, Chance made Phoenix his home and got professionally licensed as a Professional Engineer in Arizona in 2015.

Guided by Noam Chomsky’s thought-provoking quote, “colorless green ideas sleep furiously,” Chance embodies a questioning mindset, always seeking to challenge himself and improve. He values advice such as “don’t worry about titles, titles come with experience” and embraces the concept that “there is no 99-yard line,” implying that in tasks, reaching the end isn’t the crucial point; it’s the final 1%-10% that truly counts. Achieving the first 90% may seem substantial, but it often accounts for only 60%-70% of the effort. It’s the last 10% that distinguishes excellence and gives a project its finished appearance.

Outside the office, Chance, along with his wife and two daughters aged 7.5 and 10, enjoy quality family time. They explore the diverse landscapes of Arizona and southern California through their shared love for camping.

Beyond his professional expertise, Chance is a hobbyist woodworker and DIY enthusiast, always willing to tackle new challenges. Whether excelling in activities or learning from occasional setbacks, Chance’s commitment to continuous improvement and attention to detail sets him apart as a valued member of our team.