“The heartbeat of our organization is our culture. Starting with our extensive and inclusive hiring process, and throughout your career at Haydon, you will feel our culture, that sense of belonging, the consistent indicator that you made the right decision to join Haydon. We are committed to embracing improvement, celebrating successes, and leading you to be the best you can be. Our Haydon 2.0 culture overhaul in 2017 brought us back to our roots and reminded us all why we love construction: our people, the greatest asset to our organization. As such, we make it a point to be intentional and engage personally with our team members. The line between personal and professional is blurred, it’s extremely important that we look at each person holistically, not as number, not as position, but as an individual. We are a family, we are Haydon.”

– Katie Haydon, President & CEO



The employee behaviors (fundamentals) that drive your success.

Haydon has established our mission, values, and behaviors.



The practice of your fundamentals.

Haydon has many methods of ritualizing our company fundamentals. They are everywhere, from the kick off discussion of a meeting to a weekly email distribution, or even visually displayed on our walls, our words are those we live by.



People who are the right fit for your culture.

Haydon has a customized hiring process for each position, including internships, that assures each potential employee will be successful and fit into our culture. We understand that transitioning to a new role is a big decision and are here to help along the way.



New hires into your culture.

An extensive on-boarding process is implemented for various positions. A typical welcome week can entail a built out schedule featuring, orientation, training sessions, jobsite shadow opportunities and lunches with essential team members. We build community by taking time to integrate each new hire that joins our team.



Your culture throughout the organization.

Being a diverse organization with multiple divisions and subsidiaries, we operate as one team motivated to continually improve our communication strategies with frequent company huddles, email correspondence, and events.



To reinforce your culture.

Our Fundamental Behaviors lay the foundation for great coaching opportunities. Through monthly one-on-one’s, internal peer groups, and leadership coaching, we empower our leaders to effectively coach their teams.



Your culture by example.

Our culture is implemented at every level and are lead by various committees such as employee recognition and events. Our leaders take time to recognize and appreciate their teams through celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.



Your culture through accountability.

Haydon ensures that all managers are protecting their employees from being overworked, by giving recognition, developing skillsets, showing they care, honoring commitments, hiring correctly, engaging creativity, and challenging people intellectually.