Our goal for our 12-week summer internship program is to develop leaders in the construction industry by providing the best possible learning experience in an environment where professional and technical skills are developed and sharpened through coaching by our incredible team.

Your transition to our team is important to us. Our first week of the summer program is filled with everything you need to know to be successful as an intern. Welcome week consists of new hire orientation, training, jobsite tours and lunches with potential project teams is just the beginning.

Add tools to your knowledge base by getting hands-on training in the field. Get a chance to learn what it really takes to make it in the construction industry. During our welcome week we go through the lifecycle of a project, while getting exposure to some of the most popular construction platforms like Procore, Navisworks, P6 and so much more.

Haydon's Lifecycle of a Project

Our team believes in leaving a legacy through investing in developing our leaders. Get a chance to meet with your coach on a consistent basis and establish performance goals. Your internship experience is in your hands. Get real feedback from your team in the field.

With our dynamic approach to construction, you will have exposure to every side of the construction business. Our interns work closely with all our divisions, building, civil, Earthscapes, BIM, and estimating to increase your overall knowledge of the construction industry.

Interested in staying on our team? There is great potential for building your career at Haydon, apply to our open positions listed on the careers page.

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Intern Hall of Fame

Intern Alumni

Steven D’Angelo, Project Manager: Team Haydon since 2017

Nick Eckert, Sr Project Engineer: Team Haydon since 2018

Liam Gorman, Assistant Superintendent: Team Haydon since 2018

Jesus Godoy, Field Engineer: Team Haydon since 2019

Andrew Suarez, Project Engineer: Team Haydon since 2021

Araceli Lares, Field Engineer: Team Haydon since 2021

Jesus Arrellano, Project Engineer: Team Haydon since 2022

Felipe Garibay, Project Engineer: Team Haydon since 2023

Cesar Romero, Project Engineer: Team Haydon since 2023