Competitive Bodybuilding Lifts Haydon Employee In and Outside Work


Forty minutes of cardio six days a week.

Lifting weights up to one and a half hours six days a week.

A 20-week plan to prepare for a show.

“Doing this and making that time for me helps me in all aspects of my life,” said Haydon Preconstruction Coordinator Lauren Riggs. “It helps me overall with being focused, with time management, discipline and self-reliance each and every day.”

Lauren is a competitive bodybuilder.

She started weightlifting in high school, joined a gym when moving to Arizona and has met multiple people who are competitive bodybuilders.

“It’s a lot of work both mentally and physically.”

“I love my gym community; I see the same faces and it’s like they are part of my prep journey.  They see my body change and check in with my progress. They are supportive and it helps to boost that confidence during prep.”

Bodybuilding also helps with work.

Cardio is first thing in the morning. Weightlifting is after work.

“Waking up in the morning, doing cardio first thing before the sun comes up automatically releases the endorphins and serotonin. I’ve gotten half of my workout done. That puts me in a good mood. It provides that mental clarity. By the time the workday starts, I’m ready to go.”

She added, “If you’re able to make that time for you, you’re going to excel at everything else. You’re going to be there for your family. You’re going to be there for your team at work. If I can be accountable to myself, I can be accountable to others.”

If bodybuilding interests you, Lauren advises to make sure your heart is in it. She has placed first in her class locally, qualifying her to compete nationally. But nothing is guaranteed.

“Nobody is making me do it, but I’m crazy enough to do it. The sport can be very subjective. You can place first in one show then last in the next show. If winning is something you really want, you can’t quit. You have to do it for you and be consistent. That’s the hardest part, being consistent. You’ve got to have the ‘no excuses’ mentality.”