From Infrastructure to Innovation: Haydon’s Evolution in Technology


Arizona’s economic landscape extends far beyond its renowned tourism industry.

“As we engage in discussions alongside tech hubs like Austin and Silicon Valley, it’s evident that we’re contributing significantly to the technological advancements in the country,” remarked Justin Newman, Partner & Senior Vice President of Haydon’s Building Division. “The burgeoning synergies within the Valley are immensely promising, and it’s invigorating to play a pivotal role in these collaborative endeavors.”

While Haydon’s name has long been associated with infrastructure development, its inception traces back to pioneering work with technology titan Motorola. Today, the company’s portfolio boasts collaborations with industry giants such as a large international battery manufacturer, a large EV Manufacturer, and NRS Logistics America that supports TSMC.

“Our roots firmly lie in cutting-edge technology,” Justin emphasized. “This is the essence of our origin, and it’s immensely gratifying to witness our return to these foundational endeavors. In my view, it signifies a profound journey coming full circle.”

The intricacies of technology projects demand specialized expertise. For instance, Haydon’s involvement with the EV Client required meticulous attention to detail in constructing robot-friendly environments, necessitating unparalleled precision.

“Projects like these underscores the imperative of expertise and professionalism,” Justin noted. “The slightest oversight can lead to significant repercussions. Ensuring the adequacy of a concrete floor for an industrial setting, for example, involves much more than meets the eye—it’s a testament to the complexity inherent in our work.”

According to AZ Big Media, Phoenix ranks among the top ten North American tech markets, reflecting a marked surge in high-tech employment opportunities—a trend underscored by Haydon’s pivotal contributions to the region’s technological landscape.