Having Someone To Count On When Clients Need To Be Quick And Nimble 


Haydon Special Projects Director Casey Shupp is the youngest of five children. His parents built the family home.

“I was a young kid who was actually helping my dad with my three older brothers on weekends to do things to build the house,” Casey said. “It was just a fascination having grown up as a kid and helping my dad build a house. Watching things come from zero to progress, it’s just fascinating to be a part of certain things and projects that will stand ideally, hopefully forever.”

Casey now oversees the Special Projects Division at Haydon. The Special Projects Division consists of Project Managers and Project Superintendents who are wholly dedicated to job order contracts. The structure of this department allows Haydon to effectively handle multiple job orders at the same time, and its team offers a single point of contact from project conception through warranty, who will remain in this position through project completion.

“For our clients, we have the ability to tackle those small, quick, nimble projects that come about quickly when time is of the essence. We also have the ability to take on and bridge that gap with a larger execution of work whether it’s a full on new addition, wing or building. That’s where the biggest focus and the need is – having my group be there to help facilitate more of the smaller TIs (tenant improvements).”

The projects often last three to six months.

“The smaller jobs always exist. They always kind of come up out of thin air. There is that quick and nimbleness of it, of bending over backward to help. The biggest things are helping in a time of need.”

Casey says smaller jobs sometimes lead to longer relationships.

“This allows me to have that bond and relationship with clients by doing repeat work consistently rather than once every five years.”

Haydon provides all-in-one construction solutions including Building (Commercial), Heavy Civil, Preconstruction, Landscape and Building Information Modeling.

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