We’re pleased to announce Christian Davis has joined Haydon Companies as Preconstruction Director for its Commercial Building DivisionChristian grew up in Marietta, Georgia and spent the last 15 years in Buckheadjust outside of Atlanta. Christian studied Construction Management at Southern Polytechnic State UniversityIn college, his university allowed him to work while he studied; he spent most of his college career interning and gaining experience, which gavChristian a leg up in the industry after he received his degree   

Bringing over 18 years of experience to HaydonChristian attributes a large part of his expertise to his leadership style and the mentors he had along the way. They’ve made a huge impact on my career including my values, principles, and management style. I only hope that I can do the same for others.” Christian is always looking for ways to build relationships and positively motivate the people around himNow that he is member of the Haydon team, he wears the company name proudly and enjoys the open communication and taking on new challenges. “Working mostly for a large general contractor over my career, and previously coming from a small general contractor in Georgia, Haydon was a perfect fit for me culturallyproviding what I see as the best of both worlds. I take pride and fully immerse myself in a company’s goals and achievements and am excited to be a part of that here.” 

Christian offers expertise in various delivery methods and types of commercial and industrial projects. His most memorable project was the Coca Cola Atlanta Syrup Plant Expansion in Georgia, which was a $50 million, three-phase project that included every construction component one could think of. This project was also under heavy security because of a new technology Coca Cola was rolling out at the time. 

“Christians experience brings a lot to the table. With the direction Haydon is going, he will be a great asset in setting the preconstruction department up for success in 2021,” says Garren Echols, Vice President, Commercial Building Division. Fritz Behrhorst, Vice President of Preconstruction, Commercial Building Divisionadds Bringing Christian on board is essential to Haydon’s successIn order to increase our capacity and prepare for the economic forecast Haydon has for 2021, he plays a big part in achieving those goals.” 

In his spare time, Christian stays active with his wife, Sara, and their two dogs. He enjoys intramural sports and is a big Georgia Tech fan.