PHOENIX, ARIZONA (June 7, 2023) –

Heather Marin joined Haydon in 2022 and is known in the industry as a trustworthy builder with quality workmanship who focuses on customer satisfaction on all her projects. When owning her own business, her relentless dedication earned her top honors, ranking her company among the Top Ten of Construction Companies in Ranking Arizona’s Best of Arizona Business in 2010 through 2015.

Marin played an integral role in revamping Haydon’s standard operating procedures and projection processes to align with the company’s growing size and how it operates. She excels at building strong relationships with her teams and industry partners in the Building Division’s vertical market. Marin brings almost three decades of field and operations experience to her role, having held positions ranging from Project Engineer right out of Arizona State University, Del E. Webb School of Construction, and then elevating to Operations Director. She is married with two daughters and is committed to helping other women in the construction industry develop and succeed.