Passion For Parks: From Playing in Them To Building Them

Growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, Haydon Project Director Skyler Roussel’s family was big on visiting parks and aquatics. Skyler was one of nine kids, and taking advantage of free resources like Freestone Park, Gilbert’s first major district park, was great for family time.

Skyler shared, “Playing and growing up in parks and now building them for the last 10 years is a passion of mine. I reaped the rewards of my elders building these parks when I was a kid, so I see the benefits for young families and kids to keep them out of trouble and keep them distracted.”

Today, Skyler spends a lot of time with his three boys (ages 10, 8, and 6) who love parks just as much as he does, if not more. 

When Skyler joined Haydon nearly six years ago, his park experience flourished. His first park project with the company was Mansel Carter Oasis Park in Queen Creek. 

“It’s been an exciting time to be a part of growth in the Valley of the Sun and seeing these families and my community of Queen Creek 

enjoy the benefits of parks and 

what they provide families day in and day out… It’s rewarding providing them that avenue to explore, be creative, and learn how to push their boundaries,” he said.

Skyler loves building parks because it provides every generation with opportunities to learn and explore by giving them an avenue to stretch their limits and find new and interesting things about themselves. “It’s like building an inclusive home for everyone to enjoy and test their limits and imaginations. Whether it’s testing their physical abilities in a sports court or field, or climbing on playground equipment, or using facilities to create space with family and friends, it’s about finding new ways of where their minds can take them while also creating a safe place for everyone to enjoy.”

Skyler explained that Haydon excels at building parks due to understanding their construction, design, and how people will use them. “We self-perform close to 70 percent of work in the parks world. Our expertise on all levels helps us excel to stretch the boundaries and limits of what we’re trying to accomplish – and how we can accomplish that as a team.”