Arizona Athletic Grounds: Formerly Legacy Sports Complex, this athletic facility provides a variety of playing fields and indoor team sports facilities designed with the latest in athletic technologies. Totaling 324 acres, this private facility involves the construction of full city arterial roadways within a private development, including water, sewer, roadway, drainage improvements, curb, gutter, sidewalk, traffic signals, and landscaping. Additional key scopes consist of mass earthwork, grading, interior collector roads, sports field construction, and coordination with multiple separate CMAR contracts. The arterial roads require connection to ADOT right-of-way and facilities, including ADOT encroachment permits. This project also requires coordination with the City of Mesa, ADOT, Legacy Sports LLC, utility providers, and ASLD. Location: Mesa, AZ

Ball Park Boulevard & Maryland Avenue New Roadway Construction: This project connects the Glendale Spring Training Complex to the existing Maryland Avenue traffic interchange off Loop 101. This new looped roadway includes a three-span bridge over the Bethany Home Outfall, a unique slurry cutoff wall, short sections of water, sewer, and RID irrigation pipe, and about 1.5 miles of mass grading and paving. Location: Glendale, AZ | Owner: City of Glendale | Designer: Stanley Consultants 

Mesa Drive Improvements Phase II: This project includes reconstruction of existing traffic through-lanes and installation of raised landscaped medians connecting to the recently completed portion of Mesa Drive south of 8th Avenue and the proposed Light Rail improvements. Scope also includes raised medians and dual left turn lanes for the Broadway and Mesa intersection and new underground utilities. Location: Mesa, AZ | Owner: City of Mesa | Designer: Dibble Engineering 

Horne Utility and Drainage Improvements: This project involves the modification and relocation of aging water and gas infrastructure, a new sewer chemical feed line, major storm drain improvements (42” storm drain pipe over 20’ depth), overhead to underground 12kv conversion, and all associated roadway work. Location: Mesa, AZ | Owner: City of Mesa | Designer: Hoskin-Ryan Consultants Inc. 

Cavasson Onsite Infrastructure & Crossroads East Drainage Improvements: This project includes major drainage infrastructure improvements including concrete lined channel, flood walls, energy dissipators, 300,000 CY of basin mass earthwork export, dual 60” storm drain pipes, and jack and bore casings for sewer, water, and communications. Location: Scottsdale, AZ | Owner: Nationwide Realty Investors, Grayhawk Development & City of Scottsdale Designer: Michael Baker International & Wood, Patel & Associates 

Deer Valley Road Improvements: This project includes 1.5-mile roadway widening and improvements from Black Mountain to Cave Creek near Desert Ridge. Scope includes construction of the improvements, including new drainage structures, six traffic lanes, raised medians, bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, streetlights, and traffic signals. Location: Scottsdale, AZ Owner: City of Phoenix & Taylor Morrison | Designer: HILGARTWILSON, LLC 

Power Road Improvements: This project consists of construction of three lanes in each direction including a split alignment around the Williams Field Corridor. The project also includes a new bridge over the EMF/RWCD and widening of existing EMF/RWCD bridges and box culverts. Location: Mesa, AZ Owner: City of Mesa | Designer: Jacobs Engineering 

Southern Avenue Improvements Phases I & II: This project includes the installation of custom bus shelters, custom median monuments, waterline installation, gas line installation, ac stamping, concrete paving, installation of custom street lightingand storm drain improvements. Owner: City of Mesa | Location: Mesa, AZ | Designer: Kruezer Consulting Group & J2 Engineering and Environmental Design 

Gilbert Road & Guadalupe Road Intersection Improvements: This project includes intersection improvements and widening with new sidewalks, landscaping, extensive business coordination, stamped paving, traffic signals, street lights, grading, and drainage. The Haydon team worked closely with the Town and adjacent businesses to create a construction phasing plan that mitigated ingress/egress impacts. Through the use of water barricades our team was able to preserve the existing lane configurations during constructionLocation: Gilbert, AZ Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: EPS Group, Inc. 

Gilbert Road, Baseline to Guadalupe Reconstruction: This 1-mile project includes major re-construction of asphalt pavement, pedestrian ramps and driveways, medians, and 4,700 LF of 16” DIP waterline. This roadway is the gateway from the US-60 to Gilbert’s downtown District. A unique component of this project is that five lanes of traffic need to be maintained to improve the overall seven lane roadway. This approach is done by utilizing innovative phasing and temporary striping. Location: Gilbert, AZ Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: Kimley-Horn & Associates 

75th Avenue Intersection Improvements, Cactus & Peoria Avenues: This project includes major utility relocates, widening of each intersection, installation of water main and storm drain systems, dual left turn lanes in each direction, raised medians, mill and AC overlay of existing roadway (500’ for each leg) traffic control and street light upgrades, and new landscaping throughout. Location: Peoria, AZ Owner: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) | Designer: Parson Transportation Group 

Cooper & Warner Intersection Improvements: This project includes major intersection improvements and widening with grading, drainage, sewer laterals, extensive waterline, traffic signals, new sidewalks, landscaping, extensive business coordination, stamped paving, traffic signals, and grading and drainage. Location: Gilbert, AZ Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: NFRA 

Power & Pecos UPRR Crossing: This project involves street and railroad crossing improvements, traffic control, traffic signals, utility relocation, realignment, widening, bike lanes, sidewalk, curb and gutter, retention basins, and channel improvements. Construction consists of intersection improvements and 800 LF of roadway widening in each direction. This project increases the turning movements by adding single left turn lanes and additional through lanes for each leg. Location: Gilbert, AZ Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: AMEC 

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