Jackie A. Meck Water Campus: Haydon Companies and Kiewit have teamed as a Joint Venture on this fast-tracked project that includes a service area master plan, 8 MGD water treatment facility, drilling new wells, re-drilling existing wells, offsite and onsite piping, water storage tanks, booster pumps, hydro-pneumatic tanks, arsenic treatment, reverse osmosis treatment, chlorination facilities, and SCADA. Location: Buckeye, AZ | Owner: City of Buckeye | Designer: Stantec

Well #8 Equipping: This project consists of new and existing improvements to the City of Buckeye Sundance Well #8. Project scope includes the total refurbishment of well site and installation of piping components to include new pipe, fittings, de-sander, valves, and pump. Additionally, electrical upgrades include new VFD, RTU, MCC, ATS, and SES along with SCADA programming, which utilize the City’s current standards for wonderware and HMI interface. Location: Buckeye, AZ |Owner: City of Buckeye

Airport Well #2 Water Treatment Distribution: This project includes rehabilitating City-owned property adjacent to Airport Well #2 into a well treatment facility. The scope includes new pump and system components, new electrical building with VFDRTU, MCC, and SES along with SCADA programming Water distribution includes a chemical feed building, arsenic removal system, and other site improvements. Location: Buckeye, AZ | Owner: City of Buckeye

Heritage District Waterline Replacement: This project includes the installation of three miles of 8” and 12” waterlines through Gilbert’s Heritage District from Elliot Road north to Olive Avenue and adjacent neighborhoods. The 12” waterlines supply the 8” water distribution pipelines to replace the existing antiquated pipelines throughout the downtown District. Location: Gilbert, AZ | Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: Hubbard Engineering

Tempe Waterline Replacement Improvements: This project includes approximately seven miles of 6”, 8”, and 12” waterline replacements throughout neighborhoods, and approximately three miles of 12”, 14”, and 24” waterline and transmission mains along four high-volume arterial streets. Scope also includes service connections, fire hydrants, other water appurtenances, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, and pavement replacement. Location: Tempe, AZ | Owner: City of Tempe | Designer: Project Engineering Consultants

Stockton Hill Waterline Replacement: This project replaces two aging 8″ water mains that were installed in the 1980s with two 12″ water mains. The project consists of installing the new mains, replacing/constructing a pressure reducing valve/vault, and connecting existing businesses and water facilities to the new main. Location: Kingman, AZ | Owner: City of Kingman | Designer: Sunrise Engineering

Water Tank to Gilbert Road Waterline: This project includes approximately 4,000 LF of 12” waterline serving Gilbert’s downtown Heritage District. Work begins in the intersection of Elliot and Gilbert Roads (major arterial) and extends south to Water Tank Road. There are 23 (each) 8” laterals service local businesses as well. Unique traffic control and phasing is required on this project to minimize impacts to this sensitive economic driven area. Location: Gilbert, AZ | Owner: Town of Gilbert | Designer: Stanley Consultants

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