“When we build roadway infrastructure, we have the opportunity to pave the way for future development, setting up all projects in that area for success.” – Dean Marten

Dean Marten, originally from Bowling Green, Ohio spent his youth working for his father’s residential construction company, ultimately inspiring him to pursue a degree in Construction Management at Bowling Green State University. After studying accounting for a few semesters, he quickly realized his passion for the construction industry, “… it offers opportunities for problem-solving, working with teams, and being able to work on projects that directly affect the people in the community.”

Dean moved to Arizona in 2008, and worked for Kiewit for nearly eight years, where he went from project engineer to project manager. At Kiewit, Dean worked on airports, canals, road widenings, and had heavy involvement with property owners throughout Arizona. After Kiewit, Dean went on to serve as a project manager at McCarthy for three and a half years, where he managed a wide variety of projects including hotels, parking garages, a bar remodel, and the Las Vegas Raider’s Stadium.

Many people are unaware that since the age of five, Dean has been an avid bowler, spending most of his weeknights bowling in various leagues. Family outings growing up were centered around their favorite pastime. When Dean was a child, his father would take their extra bowling balls and use them to keep their planters from filling with leaves and freezing during the cold Ohio winters. In the Spring, the bowling balls would be removed and allow for a quick replanting process. At the peak of his bowling career, Dean had eight bowling balls.

The best advice Dean has ever received comes from his grandfather, of 98-years old, “Listen with your eyes and ears and keep your mouth shut.” Dean remarked on how intentional listening is the best practice he has adopted in both his work and personal life.

With a passion for Haydon’s Civil Division, Dean commented, “I love taking part in building the infrastructure that people need. If I can have a hand in making peoples’ commutes shorter and reducing their frustration around city infrastructure, it fulfills my passion.”

With a wealth of experience at reputable construction companies, Dean has noticed that “The culture at Haydon is built around autonomy. During our weekly meetings with the civil team, we discuss current resource needs and upcoming opportunities. Haydon offers autonomy through their demonstrated trust of our teams’ decision-making skills and expertise, while continuing to offer support where needed.”

Dean currently serves as a project manager at Haydon and is currently working on a $9 million project in Gilbert involving a canal and multiple box culverts. By working on utility improvements, the Haydon Civil Division lays the groundwork for future projects. During Dean’s first three months at Haydon, he contributed to project estimating, budgeting, and preconstruction, while managing subcontractor relationships. Now, he spends his time managing individual projects.

“What I really enjoy is the self-perform side of our business, which is the ability to control the labor and equipment on the projects, while interacting with the whole team. Our team comes from all different facets of life, and we all have the opportunity to make an impact at Haydon.”

Dean was drawn to Haydon by their outward mindset and exciting future opportunities. “It’s an exciting time at Haydon because although there is a lot of transitioning, a stable experienced team still remains. The culture is one that people are encouraged to provide solutions and collaborate. Experience meets fresh eyes, is how I would describe it.”