“Since the day I started at Haydon, my favorite part of my job hasn’t changed. I have always loved utilizing new technology to make peoples’ lives better.” – Eddie Garcia



Eddie Garcia, an Arizona native, was fascinated by numbers as a child. When a summer internship in college led him into a position in IT, he was immediately drawn in. His mathematical skills, along with his passion for technology launched him into a career lasting over two decades. After spending 13 years with Sundt Construction, Eddie joined Haydon in 2012 to see them through the development of their IT department.


Getting his hands on the latest and greatest tools for Haydon is what excites Eddie the most. But it isn’t all about changing out technology regularly. For Eddie, his time is spent researching software and options that fit Haydon’s digital needs. After researching, he then goes through the testing phase. Technological changes only make it to implementation if the IT team believes that it will bring positive solutions to the whole company. Eddie has led the company through various changes throughout the years and has adopted this motto, “Treat people as you would like to be treated because you cannot control other peoples’ actions, but you can control your reaction to them.”


Throughout the past eight years, Eddie has seen the IT department at Haydon grow immensely. In 2012, Haydon made the shift from consultant-based IT to an in-house staff. Eddie remembers the support he received in the early days and continues to receive today, “…whatever you need to make things efficient for our team, test it, share it, and go for it!” Getting rid of isolated data on workstations and implementing a new ERP system that better connects the field to the office are some of Eddie’s crowning achievements.


When asked about the culture at Haydon, Eddie most appreciates its transparency, “A lot of companies talk about transparency, but few have embraced it like Haydon has. Haydon encourages all employees to be involved in the decision making and gives regular opportunities to do so.” Eddie believes that Haydon’s dedication to its people through their leadership and culture has made it a place where, “… they know that the people they lead are the ones that ultimately determine the success or failure of the company.”


The future of Haydon’s IT department is only getting stronger by the day, “I envision more mobility that allows us to manage multiple jobsites without the use of on-site trailers. Simplifying operations for our field staff will allow them to work from their phones or tablet, getting them away from a desk so they can do their best work.”