Cindy Lee Haydon Building Corp

“Haydon is nimble and a very efficient business. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and course of action.” – Cindy Lee

When Cindy was a little girl, she dreamed of being an Air Force pilot. As she grew older, her father inspired her to follow in his footsteps as an accountant. Growing up, she spent each summer working for her father’s business and learning about public accounting. Haydon hired Cindy over 16 years ago, to be closely involved in financial activities and assist with high-level decisions about strategy. Since then, she has continued to add value to the business through her yearning for continued knowledge and her expertise in accounting principles.

When asked about the best advice she has ever received, Cindy responded, “Someone told me once to quit comparing myself to others all the time. They told me to be glad for those that are around me and happy with what I have.” Much of Cindy’s outlook on life comes from her grandmother, a true role model, who raised three kids, worked full-time to support her family, and cared for a husband who had Parkinson’s disease. To this day, her grandmother’s strength, positivity, and care for her family is an inspiration to Cindy.

Tied at the hip with the leadership team for the last 16 years, Cindy has seen what makes a great leader, “Someone who is rational, consults their advisors, isn’t afraid to deliver bad news, is tactful at delivering tough love, is open to new ideas, and surrounds themselves with sensible people who have their best interest in mind.” Cindy’s support and foresight over the years has proved her dedication to Haydon, making her a valuable perspective on financial matters.

With a wealth of experience in public accounting, Cindy previously worked for Schuff Steel as their controller and as CFO for Pulice Construction. She arrived at Haydon with a broad network of peers across accounting departments in construction companies and has worked to further build that community of supportive professionals. Believing that in order to be truly effective, she must continually travel outside of the organization to broaden her idea of what is possible, she vows to, “always stay in motion and to always be growing.” Cindy’s thirst for knowledge and idea-sharing has spread to the rest of Haydon, making the workplace even more collaborative.

Cindy says, “The future is always good. It’s a time for change, opportunity, and growth. I love thinking about what tomorrow holds, because I know better things are always on their way.” Haydon’s selective hiring process, investment in arriving interns, mentorship of current talent, and contagious collaborative atmosphere make it a place that attracts highly skilled workers who are excited about their personal growth and development, something that Cindy has cultivated in herself over the past 16 years.