Joe Malone Haydon Building Corp

“I enjoy what I do; there are new challenges every day, but the fact that I get to work with so many different components and with the best team of people, makes what I do very rewarding.” – Joe Malone

When Joe was a kid, his curiosity of how the world around him was built made him wonder if constructing planes or being a pilot could be for him. From automobiles to buildings and everything in between, Joe’s mechanical mind led him to visualize a future in construction.
Joe’s entry into construction began as an intern for Haydon in 2005, while attending ASU. In 2007, Joe received a degree in Construction Engineering. After his internship and graduation, he moved on to become a project engineer. Following his promotion to project manager, he was given the title, project director, in 2018. Most recently, Joe was named Haydon’s Civil Division Director of Operations. With a unique path of moving from intern to director of operations, he has spent time in each step of the project process. Joe is proof that perseverance, matched with Haydon’s career pathing, pave the way to his 15-year journey of personal and professional growth.

Growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania, Joe appreciated how hard his parents worked to support his family. Their persistent positivity left a lasting impact on him. He remembers that when challenges would arise, they always kept their head up and had the bigger picture in mind. These character traits were instilled very early on in Joe’s life and have served him well in his career at Haydon.

Joe’s thoughtful interactions, empathy, articulate responses to challenges, and his genuine care for others make him an approachable mentor and colleague for everyone he works with. With an attitude of, “whatever it takes to get the job done,” Joe offers his expertise, problem solving skills, and perseverance to the team.  Helping others overcome challenges and problems is deeply rewarding for him.

“We are all one company. It’s very important for us all to remember that. From executives to field staff, our foundation is built around trust, honesty, and ownership.” The feeling of belonging is what has kept Joe connected to Haydon all these years. He truly feels that Haydon’s company culture is something worth investing in. His ability to establish workplace community and provide clarity and overall vision for the company is what makes him an influential member of the Haydon team.

When asked if he could go back and give his younger self advice, Joe commented, “Growth can be a slow process. The best thing we can do is to not fear what we don’t know. There is so much information out there and so many resources to pull from. There are always steps to figure it out and people to help guide you here at Haydon.”

Joe is excited about the future at Haydon and feels that it is nothing less than bright. He believes that Haydon’s hiring process is the path to success. “It’s all about getting the right people that fit our culture. It’s then up to us to give our people the right tools and mentorship to develop them both personally and professionally.” With a selective hiring process, Haydon is able to continue building a team atmosphere built around hard work and mutual respect.